Margot Fortunato Galt

Growing up a Yankee in Charleston, South Carolina, Margot moved slowly north and west to settle in Minneapolis/St. Paul, not far from her mother’s North Dakota hometown. On her father's side, his Italian heritage has exerted a powerful tug at her. Language and place inhabit everything she's published—from two books of poetry, a chapbook The Country’s Way with Rain (Kutenai Press) and a full-length collection, Between the Houses (Laurel Poetry Collective)—to five books of nonfiction. These include two nominated for the Minnesota Book Award: Up to the Plate: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (Lerner) and an oral history memoir of Minnesota’s premier Ojibwa artist George Morrison: Turning the Feather Around (Minnesota Historical Society Press). Two others were published by Teachers & Writers Collaborative in New York: The Story in History and Circuit Writer. Finally, comes Stop This War (Lerner), based on her husband’s refusal of the draft during the Vietnam War.

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