Anita Endrezze

Anita is an author and artist. Her recent short story collection, “Butterfly Moon”, was published by the U of AZ Press. Her work has been translated into 10 languages and taught around the world. She won the Bumbershoot/Weyerhaeuser Award, a Washington State Governor’s Writing Award, and a GAP Award for her poetry. She collaborates on art projects with a small group of women. An altered book project on the value of art in Latin America is being archived at the Smithsonian after an exhibit in Phoenix, AZ. She has also worked on an altered book about Don Quixote. She is half-European (Slovenian, German, and Italian) and half Yaqui (a nation native to Mexico). She has MS and is house bound.

Anita's Red Bird Chapbooks include Breaking Edges (2012) and A Thousand Branches (2014).

A Thousand Branches: Postcard Art and Poems

From the author: Originally I created over 40 poetry postcards for a month-long event. Along with over 300 people around the world, I created and sent 31 poem cards, one for each day of August 2013. It was a big project to write poems and do art every day. Each poem had to be succinct in order fit the size limitations of the cards. In a couple of cases, though, I made a pocket on the message side of the card, typed and folded the poem on a piece of paper, and then sealed it in the pocket. The art was a little easier in that I could reduce the images to fit the format. 

I call this book A Thousand Branches because I imagine the words and imagery reaching out to people all over.

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