Andrew Jarvis

Andrew Jarvis is the author of Sound Points (Red Bird Chapbooks), Ascent (Finishing Line Press), and The Strait (Homebound Publications). His poems have appeared in Appalachian Heritage, Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry, Evansville Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Tulane Review, and many other magazines. He was a Finalist for the 2014 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize. He also judges poetry contests and edits anthologies for Red Dashboard LLC. Andrew holds an M.A. in Writing (Poetry) from Johns Hopkins University.

About Sound Points

Andrew Jarvis’ Sound Points look closely at human history, natural history, geological history, and man’s relationship to nature to explore the things that exist beyond the reality created by our modern culture.  Through his careful use of language and his focused attention Jarvis asks the reader to re-examine the world we live in, the creatures we share this space with, and the role we all play in carving out this existence.


They flow from red, to black, to white
on rocks along a hunted beach,
a place where paint became the trap
for dogs, and deer, and men who searched
for new visions to set in stone.

They mixed the grounds of binding rock
to wet the dregs and mix the paste
with copper and coal for colors
of red for blood and white for bone
to base the art of quests in paint.  

One face depicts a girl who stares,
a face to prove she knows the way
to guide us to the strength of years
with rounded eyes that watch a past
upheaved by hands that halt the time.

And here we blast those aging eyes
that saw us come to pry their fixed
faces in frames that froze their looks 
in pictured pasts of native men
that we blow up to build a dam.

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