What to expect when your manuscript is a possibility

Red Bird Chapbooks uses a blind reading process to select manuscripts for publication.  

Possibilities are received via email and reviewed to confirm they meet our guidelines.  Manuscripts that do not follow our guidelines are not considered.  Manuscripts that meet our guidelines are provided to our editors electronically for their consideration.

Our editors read each manuscript received for their genre(s).  They choose up to three manuscripts they wish to bring to publication in the following year. Polished writing style and a cohesive theme or statement are important considerations.  Our editors have diverse preferences and aesthetics which has allowed us to publish a wide range of writing over the years. 

Once our editors have selected their manuscripts, they are provided the author’s original email including contact information, bio and acknowledgements.  The editor then prepares a publishing agreement and emails it along with notification of acceptance to the author. 

All authors are notified, whether or not their collections are accepted for publication.