Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes is a writer and visual artist currently living in Saint Paul, MN.  She enjoys writing most days - especially poetry, creative non-fiction, and mixed-genre works exploring a wide range of subjects and forms.  She is equally as non-specific in her artmaking: exploring and mixing digital photography, collage and the book arts. 

Sarah earned a Masters in Fine Arts from Hamline University and studies at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts – both as treats to herself after years of learning grown-up things.  In her past life she has been a transportation executive, a number cruncher, an airplane mechanic, and at one point she even spent her afternoons eagerly waiting at the mailbox for the next installment in the How and Why Science Library

Sarah serves as Executive Director and Editor in Chief for Red Bird Chapbooks, where she also designs books and gets to discover new authors.  Her chapbook, The Heart of Everything That Is, launched the Red Bird Chapbooks Editor Series.  Her poems have also appeared in Zenith City Arts, The Muse, Verse Wisconsin and Dust & Fire.  

From The Heart of Everything That Is

At the Top

The steep angle of the slab
sends my stomach in somersaults.
The long distance to the ground
overcomes logic and I briefly forget
this tether at my waist marries me
to this ledge so that I may take in these spires 
surrounding me.

Raven’s eye view over the vast expanse of 
rocks pushed upward: 
sharp stones punctuating the heart of everything that is.