Laurie Zupan

Laurie Zupan is a parent, teacher, poet and writer.Click to add description. Laurie has had writing work published in anthologies and magazines including Writer's Digest, Lost and Found; Plymouth Writer's Group, Ginosko,, Mamas and Papas On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting.

In 2001, Laurie earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University.    

Laurie lives in Long Beach, California where she is inspired by beautiful scenes in nature as well as cities, and she loves to take photos.

Poem and Painting from Elemental Long Beach


an old friend used to say
questions are more important
than their answers

I write questions because
they are all
I have

not even yesterday's bread
on the kitchen counter
or a half cup of cold coffee
can sustain me

the moonlight spills
on the page
but offers no illumination

An Exhibit of Tom Scherschel Paintings was featured at the Hellada Art Gallery in Long Beach California.  The show opened with a signing of the chapbook Elemental Long Beach featuring the collaboration of Tom and Laurie Zupan. 

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