Frequently Asked Questions for authors and potential authors

Does Red Bird accept simultaneous submissions?  
Yes. Red Bird accepts simultaneous submissions.  If your manuscript is accepted for publication by Red Bird and you choose Red Bird Chapbooks as publisher of your chapbook we ask that you inform any other publisher considering the manuscript that you have a publisher and withdraw your manuscript from their consideration.

Does Red Bird accept manuscripts from authors living outside the United States?  
Yes. Red Bird publishes chapbooks from authors all over the world.   

My possiblity has been accepted with another publisher, what do I do?  
If Red Bird is considering your manuscript and it is accepted by another publisher, we ask that you notify us right away via email to withdraw your manuscript from our conisderation. Please include your manuscript genre and title in the email.  

Can I include previously published materials?
Previously published poems, stories, essays, excerpts may be included in your manuscript. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to provide an acknowledgements page listing when and where each item was published. You must retain all rights to the material you are asking Red Bird to publish.

Will I retain rights to the materials included in my chapbook?
Yes. You will retain all rights to the material within your chapbook. Red Bird reserves rights to the cover design and chapbook layout.

Is there a fee for editing and design of my chapbook?
Red Bird staff works on a volunteer basis.  At this time there is no fee for editing, printing, or assembling the chapbooks. This is our way of ensuring affordable chapbooks are brought to the attention of the reading public.

How is my chapbook bound?
Red Bird chapbooks are assembled by hand, with hand sewn bindings.  

How many copies of my chapbook will be printed?
Red Bird Chapbooks will publish the initial edition of 100 copies of your chapbook.  This is a minimum edition size. We can and will print larger editions if requested. All chapbooks are signed with the Red Bird Book Bird and are individually numbered (first edition).   If there is need, a second printing can be arranged. We have several authors who have now printed two or three editions of their chapbooks.  Subsequent editions contain the Red Bird Book Bird and edition information (e.g. 2nd Edition; 3rd Edition, etc.).  

Will I receive contributor’s copies of my chapbook?
As author you will receive 5 copies of the chapbook free of charge.  Additional copies can be purchased from Red Bird at a reduced author price. 

Will I receive payment for sales of my chapbook?
Yes.  All monies collected by Red Bird from sales of chapbooks will be divided between the authors and Red Bird.  Details regarding percentages paid to the author and retained by Red Bird are specified in your publishing agreement.  Red Bird's portion of the sales proceeds are designed to cover costs incurred in producing chapbooks.  A detailed statement of sales will be sent to each author on a quarterly basis along with payment of monies earned. 

Where will my chapbook be available for sale?
Red Bird Chapbooks will have your chapbook available for purchase on our website.  We will also promote your chapbook on social media sites, at readings and book festivals, and at local independent bookstores. We encourage our authors to promote their chapbooks in the same manner in their locality.  

When will my chapbook be published?
Once your chapbook is in production the timeline for publication will be dependent on your participation in agreeing on a format, correcting, and approving at least one proof, approving the final version of the chapbook and signing our publishing agreement.  Chapbooks will be scheduled for design, layout and printing in the order they finalized and will be published during the calendar year following the reading period in which they were selected.

Can my chapbook be reprinted by another publisher?
Your chapbook may not be printed by another publisher without significant and obvious change to the cover and contents. Red Bird asks when selections from the chapbook are republished that Red Bird Chapbooks is acknowledged as first publisher.

How is the cover image and chapbook layout determined?
The shape and size of each chapbook is determined on an individual basis.  Our designers read each manuscript to determine the best layout, cover and other design considerations.  

The goal of the cover is to enrich the material within and at the same time intrigue the potential reader to open the chapbook. Covers are meant to engage the reader, and enhance the text. Often the author will be consulted as to what they would like to see on the cover of their chapbook. If possible these ideas will be considered in the cover design.  While authors will be given an opportunity to comment on the cover of their chapbook Red Bird reserves the rights to make all final cover decisions.

Can I provide my own artwork for the cover?
Often artwork by the author or by an artist the author selects will be considered. It is the responsibility of the author to get all permissions and pay all costs for the use of another person’s art as the cover. Cover art is credited on the publication page of the chapbook. Our designers discourage the use of personal photographs  on the cover of the chapbook. We also discourage authors from designing their own covers. 

Will I be able to review what my chapbook will look like before it is printed?
Once the chapbook and cover is completed a proof copy is mailed to the author. The author is asked to examine the text carefully – noting any errors in line spacing, missing text, and punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. This is the time when changes can be made. Most authors will note changes on the proof and then return the proof to the designer. Minor changes in the text can be made at this time, but those changes cannot change significantly the manuscript as it was agreed upon by the author and editor.  The author must approve a final proof of the chapbook before printing will begin.