Broadside Project

Red Bird's Broadside Project was a public art, public literature project... another way for us to introduce aspiring and inspiring writers and artists to a larger audience. Inspiration for this project came, in part, from Broadsided Press

Broadsides provide artists and writers a visually stunning way to represent their work. They allow for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.  They provide access to new and interesting art and writing.

Over the years our broadside project has taken on different forms.  

From 2012 to 2013 the Broadside Project was curated by a dedicated editor who sought out poets and artists to collaborate on specific works.  The editor would either select a poem and find an artist to provide visuals or select an image and find a poet to provide text.  New broadsides were released on a monthly basis.  These broadsides were provided to authors and artists to be distributed within their communities and were also available for purchase from our website.  

In 2014, with the departure of our broadside editor and the growth of our chapbook offerings, we decided to turn the broadside project over to our community.  We created two online galleries - one of text and one of visuals - and encouraged writers and artists to contribute ideas and to blend the forms, developing their own broadsides.  We provided contributors with printed copies of their broadsides and also made the prints available for download from our website.  We've seen some great pairings and are thrilled that writers and artists used these galleries to facilitate their own collaborations.  

The past few years have seen significant growth for our chapbooks, with possibilities more than doubling year over year.  Due to our limited resources our focus unfortunately shifted away from broadsides.  We are currently unable to dedicate the time required to promote and encourage participation in the project or to add new material to the galleries.  We are grateful to the authors and artist who participated in the project over the years.