Artist Pages

Denise Miller

Denise Miller is a professor, poet and mixed media artist whose publications include poems in Dunes Review, African American Review and Blackberry: A Magazine. She’s the 2015 Willow Books Emerging Poet, an AROHO Waves Discussion Fellowship awardee, a finalist for the Barbara Deming Money for Women Fund, and a Hedgebrook Fellow. Her newest book, Core, released from Willow Books in November 2015 has been nominated for a 2016 American Book Award and a 2016 Pushcart Prize.

Anthony Ceballos

Anthony Ceballos received his BFA from the Creative Writing Program at Hamline University in 2015.  His visual work has been displayed at Two Rivers Gallery in Minneapolis as part of their The Many Faces of Two-Spirit People show.  When he is not painting, he is writing. His work has been featured in The Fulcrum and Yellow Medicine Review. He can be found in various coffee shops and music stores around South Minneapolis when he’s not waiting for a bus.

Carla Blanton

Carla, a nurse practitioner, photographed nature over many years. She loved the art enough to change and move into the digital age. The endless challenges of capturing waterfalls in the mountains of northern Georgia and the Carolinas particularly moved her. She exhibited photos at the Arnette Howell Turner Center of the Arts in Valdosta, Georgia, and was especially proud to have come across and photographed the rare Shoals spider-lily, whose flower lasts only a single day, while in bloom by the Withacoochee River. She is greatly missed.

Susan Solomon

Susan Solomon is a freelance painter living in the Twin Cities. She loves working with writers, painting their words. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, which likes to claim David Lynch as an alum. Susan is currently the editor and cartoonist for Sleet Magazine, an online literary journal.

Susan's work with Red Bird Chapbooks includes the following:

Anna Dielschneider

Whether she’s editing a manuscript or collaging with old math notes and Chinese takeout slips, Anna Dielschneider finds and offers up beauty in all kinds of places. “Anything can be art,” she says. “As a collage artist, I’m constantly taking bits and pieces others’ work and discovering how to make it new.” Anna also unleashes her creative side through photography and writing—she recently finished an MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline. Off the clock, she can be found cooking, cycling, or hanging with her husband and three wacky cats at their home in Northeast.

Tom Scherschel

Tom Scherschel is a self-taught artist and lover of all things southern Californian.  As a recently retired elementary school teacher, he is in the process of reinventing himself yet again.   
His art is literally and figuratively mirroring his life. He is exploring new avenues and taking chances in ways that he hasn’t previously done. .  

Melissa F. Kaelin

Melissa F. Kaelin is a painter, writer and poet residing in Apple Valley, Minnesota. She is a self-taught artist, who paints under her maiden name to honor her past.
After an automobile accident killed four people in her immediate family in 2011, Melissa turned to art for therapy and healing. She picked up a paintbrush for the first time that year, letting mindful brush strokes transport her to a place of peacefulness and tranquility. Her paintings juxtapose darkness and shadow with brilliant light.

Carl Bernard Huelsman

Carl Bernard Huelsman started drawing in his late teens and became passionate about digital illustrations while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he received a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Arts. In 2013, he co-founded AskTell Agency, a communications firm focused on the lesbian and gay community. Carl is also a co-host on the Creative Briefs podcast, an Internet radio show that interviews creative professionals about their attitudes, philosophies, and processes.

Mo Fink

Mo Fink is living her childhood dream of being an artist. She finds beauty in nature, anatomy, and anything that's mysterious, so most everything. She's currently studying art at MCTC and hopes to study ceramics further in Seattle someday, but for now she's working on drawing the perfect eye.  

Mo's image is based on the poem "Ouroboros" in the chapbook Inner Passage by Karen George.


Robert Cox

Robert Cox is currently Assistant Professor of Art and Foundations Coordinator at The University of Tennessee
at Chattanooga, where he has taught for thirteen years. In 2005, he was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award
from the College of Arts and Sciences at UTC. He has taught multiple levels of Drawing, Painting, Color Theory
and Design at various schools in the South including The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Young Harris