About Red Bird

Red Bird Chapbooks is a venue for emerging and existing authors to bring forth small collections of their work in artistically appealing forms. We publish quality, handcrafted chapbooks, broadsides and pamphlets that introduce aspiring and inspiring writers and artists to a larger audience. 

Utilizing forms that enhance their contents is a challenging and exciting part of what we do. We are always pleased when a manuscript is accepted and we can offer a writer another, alternative manner of publication which is more personal, immediate and cooperative than traditional publishing options.

Our chapbooks provide authors with an affordable accessible means of bringing their writing to their community.  Our chapbooks are all individually designed to reflect and enhance the author's words and ideas.  While we have some specific design standards, there are no set design rules which gives our designers to latitude to develop truly unique chapbooks for each of our authors.  Chapbook pages are made from archival quality paper and printed with archival inks.  Chapbook covers are designed to reflect the contents of the chapbook, and are never chosen from a limited number of templates or designs.  The length of the chapbooks are generally held to 48 pages, though we continue to innovate with new sizes, lengths, and shapes; always trying to find the most effective and pleasing way to present the author’s message.  Chapbook manuscripts are selected during our annual reading period.  For more information, please see our Possibilities page. 

The Broadside Project brings together artists and writers in collaboration to produce a broadside (poster) which can be displayed at local community gathering spots.  Broadsides are printed on archival matte paper, available in two sizes, and are available for sale through our website. 

Pamphlets are just the right size for short works like essays, flash fiction and poems.  They fit nicely in pockets, purses, briefcases and greeting cards.  These thought provoking works make great gifts. 

All of our publications are guided by our dedicated editors and book artists who volunteer their time and expertise to work closely with authors and artists, bringing new writing and art in to the world.