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The Heart of Everything That Is


Poetry, Red Bird Editor Series
Photographs by author
44 pages 
6" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published May 2014

At the Top

The steep angle of the slab
sends my stomach in somersaults.
The long distance to the ground
overcomes logic and I briefly forget
this tether at my waist marries me
to this ledge so that I may take in these spires 
surrounding me.

Raven’s eye view over the vast expanse of 
rocks pushed upward: 
sharp stones punctuating the heart of everything that is.

Animal Poems, An Anthology


Poetry Anthology
11 poems from various authors with corresponding photographs  
44 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published ____ 2014

Two years ago Gretchen Marquette began the process of collecting animal poems.  She selected 11 poems from various authors. We had planned to have the poems illustrated but that plan fell through.  Still we had these great poems and so we went to photographers online and found images that spoke to the poems.  What you see is the cover of the anthology.  Inside you will find photographs and a startling collection of poems that speak to the variety of  human relationships with, and responses to, the animal world.  

Authors of this collection are Tara Bergen Adams, Caleb Beissert, Krisanne a Dattir, Frieda Gardner, Joanna Lilley, Beverly Acuff Momoi, Ariane Sandford, Ann Tweedy, Sohn Sibley Williams, Kelly Hansen Maher, and Su Smallen.  



Illustrated by Susan Solomon
48 pages 
6.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published July 2014

This is a special collection of poetry written with a delicate touch and sensitive knowing. Cailler narrows the focus on the important, the intrigue, the significance of each life. Susan Solomon's paintings add to the intimacy, deftly illustrating, highlighting a line, a scene, a time.  

Qikiqtagruk: Almost An Island


Photographs by author
40 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published June 2014

Desperation III: Bears

In 1954 pilots dropped barrels, 
canisters of oil and gas along this shore, a last
vestige of the desperate, a refueling station in the Arctic north.
The oil seeped into soil and the cans emptied,
rusted, labeled, plotted
by GPS coordinates, slated for removal, 
manuport remnants of early Arctic flight.
Bears wallow here by the shore and once a blond grizzly
broke a can, bear’s paws all smeared and black,
slick oiled and grimed. The bear waded,
his tracks from shore to water a seep
of manufacture, a mar disappearing into mud.



Includes illustrations by John J. Audubon, Chester A. Reed, Eleazar Albin and Ernest Seton Thompson
36 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published 2012

Barred Owl

I’m perfectly clear why
I’m called what I’m called
--the dark bars across my chest—
But inside, in my secret heart,
I always think of myself
As a “bard” owl, even though
So far I’ve thought up only
A couple really good lines,
Which I tend to repeat:
Who cooks for-you?
Who cooks for-you-all?



Illustrated by Justin Marable 
48 pages
6" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding 
Published June 2013

Matthew Porubsky utilizes poetry to create a brief moment in time for each of the twenty-five “Johns” who people the pages of this intimate chapbook illustrated by  Justin Marable. And while words are sparingly used, the images the language creates  enhanced by the drawings that accompany some of the poems create lasting  impressions of these famous and infamous men.

So She Had the World


Illustrated by Susan Solomon
44 pages
5.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published ____ 2013

From Indie Reader: 

In so she had the world, poet Deborah Keenan and visual artist Susan Soloman are both dealing with large emotions/ideas in their respective work, but the collection holds together, because the collection as a whole creates a world the reader can see, smell, taste and hear as he or she turns the pages between the covers of this small, yet very beautiful chapbook. Read the full review here.



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