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The Heart of Everything That Is


Poetry, Red Bird Editor Series
Photographs by author
44 pages 
6" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published May 2014

At the Top

The steep angle of the slab
sends my stomach in somersaults.
The long distance to the ground
overcomes logic and I briefly forget
this tether at my waist marries me
to this ledge so that I may take in these spires 
surrounding me.

Raven’s eye view over the vast expanse of 
rocks pushed upward: 
sharp stones punctuating the heart of everything that is.

Broadsides Sizes

April 2013 Broadside
Poem by Matt Mauch with Art by Karen O'Bryan
Printed on Archival Matte Paper with archival ink.

Broadside Contributors: 

Matt Mauch, author of This Is For You, April 2013 Broadside Matt Mauch is the author of If You’re Lucky Is a Theory of Mine (Trio House Press), Prayer Book (Lowbrow Press), and the chapbook The Brilliance of the Sparrow (Mondo Bummer). He hosts the annual Great Twin Cities Poetry Read, and also the Maeve’s Sessions readings, and edits the anthology Poetry City, USA, an annual collection of poetry and prose on poetry. A Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant recipient, Mauch teaches in the AFA program at Normandale Community College, and lives in Minneapolis.

Karen O'Bryan, artist for This Is For You, April 2013 Broadside "Hi there, I'm Karen. I spend my days drawing, painting, designing, drinking whiskey gingers with dear friends, and generally working more hours than necessary to keep life interesting. I love exploring the themes of nature, beauty and identity in my work through color, pattern, and the human figure. I received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2007 and have displayed my work in galleries, magazines, community spaces, and of course, the interwebs. I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN with my monster-loving fiance, obese dog-loathing cat, and my drooly cat-terrorizing dog."

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