2015 Chapbook

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The Scarecrow Bride


40 pages
7" x 4.25" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published October 2015

Bradner Garden, Winter
Cross of sticks, bit of thread. Someone’s
stitched a life into this scarecrow’s lacy chest.
Late March wind fills a heart, anima rises
unseen beneath the faded dress.
Visitor in the garden, I see sparrows in her shadow,
then imagine: a girl, the woman she might become,
lift of the moon, shining eyes, pulse winding up.

Chasing Delight


44 pages
8.5" x 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published October 2015

From the Designer, Dana Hoescen:

Occasionally in my perusal of the manuscripts we receive in our reading periods there is one that touches me, intrigues me, or just tells me "Hey, I should be published."

Chasing Delight is one of those manuscripts. Reading it I was reminded that each day, year, decade, life is made up of small, individual moments. These moments, these little interactions, have incredible power if we see them for the wonders they are. If we consider how each builds and adds to the sum of our whole, our happiness, our contentment, our lives. James C. Henderson writes of the moments of his life vividly, compassionately, and also with a wry sense of humor that reminds us not to take ourselves or our lives too seriously. 

I highly recommend these poems; they are serious, but not too serious, with precise and pertinent imagery, a few flowers, lots of heart, and most of all sincerely memorable.



44 pages
8" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published September 2015

Winner of the 2015 Merriam Frontier Award

Jolene's collection of poems won the 2015 Merriam Frontier Award.  We didn't know that when we chose it for publication.  We were thrilled and even more determined that this chapbook would be special.   We are proud and excited to announce the publication of  Peregrine. 

Jolene's poems are intimate and expansive.  Her range is worldly and humane. Choosing a favorite is impossible, each turn of the page leads to another favorite, another distilled and distinct experience  to savor and revisit.   

And from the Merriam-Frontier Award judges:

"Jolene Brink's wide-ranging and nimble poems allow mystery around the subject of loss and death.  They are original in conception and mature in craftsmanship."

Unintentional Guide To the Big City


Poetry, a series of Haibun
Cover design by Karina Cutler-Lake
48 pages 
5.5" x 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published ____ 2015

According to the Haiku Society of America:

A haibun is a terse, relatively short prose poem in the haikai style, usually including both lightly humorous and more serious elements. A haibun usually ends with a haiku. Most haibun range from well under 100 words to 200 or 300. Some longer haibun may contain a few haiku interspersed between sections of prose. In haibun the connections between the prose and any included haiku may not be immediately obvious, or the haiku may deepen the tone, or take the work in a new direction, recasting the meaning of the foregoing prose, much as a stanza in a linked-verse poem revises the meaning of the previous verse. Japanese haibun apparently developed from brief prefatory notes occasionally written to introduce individual haiku, but soon grew into a distinct genre. The word "haibun" is sometimes applied to longer works, such as the memoirs, diaries, or travel writings of haiku poets, though technically they are parts of the separate and much older genres of journal and travel literature (nikki and kikôbun).

In Anticipation of Grief


## pages
6" x 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published August 2015

From the Designer, Dana Hoescen:

Sometimes while I am reading through the incredible manuscripts we publish each year there is one poem or story or paragraph or line that sticks to my mind, embeds itself in my consciousness and forever changes my perspective. Jenn Monroe's collection of poems In Anticipation of Grief is full of those poems, lines and paragraphs.  Here is one of my favorite, for its image and its metaphor and most of all for its use of compelling language.

In Case

In case there are not five stages of grief but just one, and in case
she—grief I mean—is a yellow and black garden spider, hungry,
wanting me warm, heart full, blood rushing with the loss I knew
would come but could do nothing to stop. In case denial leads me
straight to her web and caught, my struggle leaves me more and more
entangled until she finds me, just off center, stuck fast among the glitter
of sun-struck dew. In case she wraps me tight for what comes next, 
sinks fangs into my tender flesh, drains every ounce of what enabled
me to thrive. In case you find me hollow, left to scatter with thin threads
after her abandonment—remember, I was not always like this.

This is the first poem in the collection.  Keep it in mind as you read through the rest of these hauntingly beautiful poems.  Think about the title, the spider, and grief and how one grieves.  

What Can Be Saved


End paper and cover images are reproductions of paintings by Ruth Bethea Hodges
44 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published January 2015

With gentle firmness and tender acceptance Vicky Lettmann leads us through this series of poems that address time and change and what it means to age.  Using a variety of forms and images, and gathering inspiration from a diversity of poets and writers Vicky explores the questions of what we can and want to hold onto. 

Consolation attends regret, comfort attends grief, and throughout  compassion attends loss. These poems consider and console with tempered honesty.  

A Bed with a Blue Blanket and Stacks of Books

Beside an ocean not too far away
waiting to wash over it.

And me
but a speck.



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