2014 Chapbook

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The Heart of Everything That Is


Poetry, Red Bird Editor Series
Photographs by author
44 pages 
6" x 6" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published May 2014

At the Top

The steep angle of the slab
sends my stomach in somersaults.
The long distance to the ground
overcomes logic and I briefly forget
this tether at my waist marries me
to this ledge so that I may take in these spires 
surrounding me.

Raven’s eye view over the vast expanse of 
rocks pushed upward: 
sharp stones punctuating the heart of everything that is.

Inner Passage


48 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published June 2014


Side by side in canvas deck chairs,
we cradle words in our palms:
you, A Walk in the Woods;
I, the salve of Li-Young Lee.
The cruise ship pulses beneath us;
above, flags flap 
a staccato against the salt 
air we can taste.

An Asian couple sits near us
in the crook where two benches
converge in a vee.
Knees touching, 
they lean close to talk, 
forming a cave.
On the back of her moss-green kimono
a red dragon devours its own tail. 

I follow the curve of the beast's back,
edged in ebony,
while the flow of foreign syllables 
lulls and impales me.
How I ache to pierce through
all the silences, and wail
Cancer and chemo are eating
my husband alive.


The Nerd Factory


Non Fiction
36 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature chapbook with hand sewn binding
Published August 2014

Matt Mareck looks at comic books as art form and literature.  He considers the serious side of comic books with just enough humor to keep it fun.  Includes an author vetted list of the best, recommendations on what to read and which to collect.

Ethiopian Time


Poetry, Haibun and Tanka
52 pages
5.5" x 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published ____ 2014

From the Designer, Dana Hoeschen:


Gravity was strong today. My feet barely left the earth. The sky was bird-less. Pied crows, wattled ibises, kites, all the birds, gathered on the soccer pitch and pecked at the turf. Clouds crashed around me, sank underground, giving me the impression, in spite of the effort needed to drag my soul all the way to dusk, that this could be heaven on earth. So I began to pay attention.



This is the last poem in Bob Lucky's chapbook Ethiopian Time.  On my first read through the manuscript I was struck by the breadth of the experience Bob relates.  Then I read Gravity, and I began to pay attention.  

Just how does one balance the familiar with the foreign?  And just how different is ordinary depending on climate and culture?  

The poems in Ethiopian Time are Haibun - prose poem and haiku or prose poem and tanka combinations.  Bob uses this form effectively to contrast his observations and insights on everyday life in a foreign place. Bob uses and stretches the form to fit his experiences, providing another means of conveying the flexible necessity of life no matter where one lives.  

Read Ethiopian Time, decide for yourself if there isn't more familiar than foreign in its pages.  





Illustrated by Susan Solomon
48 pages 
6.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published July 2014

This is a special collection of poetry written with a delicate touch and sensitive knowing. Cailler narrows the focus on the important, the intrigue, the significance of each life. Susan Solomon's paintings add to the intimacy, deftly illustrating, highlighting a line, a scene, a time.  

Qikiqtagruk: Almost An Island


Photographs by author
40 pages
8.5" x 5.5" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published June 2014

Desperation III: Bears

In 1954 pilots dropped barrels, 
canisters of oil and gas along this shore, a last
vestige of the desperate, a refueling station in the Arctic north.
The oil seeped into soil and the cans emptied,
rusted, labeled, plotted
by GPS coordinates, slated for removal, 
manuport remnants of early Arctic flight.
Bears wallow here by the shore and once a blond grizzly
broke a can, bear’s paws all smeared and black,
slick oiled and grimed. The bear waded,
his tracks from shore to water a seep
of manufacture, a mar disappearing into mud.


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