Possibilities (aka submissions)

It is a personal thing, this aversion to the word submission.  Yes, we know that's the typical term we're told, as writers, to use when we send our work out to publishers... And maybe other publishers use the term because it's always been used or maybe they really feel like there needs to be that hierarchy, that division between publisher and author... But we're all writers here and we care about language, about meaning and at Red Bird we don't believe in submitting work.  We believe you're entrusting us to read it, to consider it.  We think your work has the possiblity of being something we'd like to publish, so we'd like to take a look at it, to read it, to consider it.  

Yes, Red Bird does want to look at chapbook manuscripts and welcomes contributions of art and writing for the Broadside Project. Every project is considered. Each proposal has potential. 

Our goal is to showcase the art and writing of as many people as possible. Our team of editors read all the possibilities received for their genre and all of our editors are encouraged to read mixed-genre possibilities. Each editor is encouraged to select up to three manuscripts to work with and publish the following year.  

We want the writing to speak for itself.  Manuscripts are read blind - our editors do not receive any identifying information about the author or the collection until after a manuscript has been selected.  

Once our editors have made their selections, we work with each manuscript, each author, each artist to find a way to present their work in the best possible light. Each chapbook and broadside is a collaboration, and each starts with a proposed manuscript or artwork or poem or story or idea. 

Red Bird welcomes all possibilities.

Considering sending us your work?  Please read our guidelines carefully, follow them, and send work to us for consideration only during our open reading periods.  

Have a question or query? Please email our Editor in Chief, Sarah Hayes.


Reading Periods

We read manuscripts annually, over the summer months, and make our selections for the following publishing year.  

The 2015 reading period ran from July 1, 2015 and closed on August 30, 2015.  Manuscripts selected from this reading period will be published in 2016.  

We received over 250 manuscripts during this two month reading period and our editors are busy reading these possibilities and making their final selections.  Authors will be emailed regarding their possibilities by November 15, 2015.

The dates for our 2016 reading period will be announced on the website when they have been finalized.

Please do not send manuscripts outside of reading periods.