Pamphlet Guidelines

Please follow guidelines carefully.  Manuscripts that deviate from these guidelines will not be read or considered. 

Red Bird is always looking to add to our collection of pamphlets. Send us your prose piece (1000-2,500) words or your small poems (5-7 lines) email to Include the description "Pamphlet Possibility" and the genre in your email subject line and attach the file as a Word document (.doc or .docx).

We've temporarily suspended our pamphlet possibilities.  

We have received some great pamphlet manuscripts and we are looking at all of them. However, there are some printing challenges that we will need to address before we can design or print any more pamphlets.

We ask any authors who have sent us manuscripts for pamphlets to please be patient and please don't hesitate to send your work to other presses. We will be in contact with all our pamphlet authors in the near future once we've completed some necessary format changes.