Sarah Hayes | Editor in Chief


Sarah Hayes is a writer and visual artist working in the forms of poetry, creative non-fiction, book arts, digital photography and collage.  Her work explores human experiences/relationships and nature.  Drawing upon themes such as nature, quantum physics, adventure sports and theoretical math she leverages language and image to connect dissimilar thought patterns and diverse audiences.  

When not writing, editing, or otherwise making art, Sarah likes to head outdoors to hike, climb rock formations or wander through forests (with or without her mountain bike).  

Sarah's "Meet the Flock" post is here.

The Heart of Everything That Is by Sarah Hayes

This collection marked the launch of the Red Bird Editor's Series.  Through her personal experiences as an outdoor enthusiast, photographer and rock climber Sarah takes us on an adventure to the Black Hills of South Dakota and through her poems considers the practice of climbing and its relationship to the practice of living.