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Welcome to The Broadside Project

The Broadside Project is BACK!!

Collaboration is essential.

The Broadside Project is Red Bird Chapbooks' public art, public literature project. Broadsides provide artists and writers another venue for their work, and continued engagement in their respective craft. Broadsides provide the reading public with access to new and interesting art and writing.

Here's how it works: We have set up two pages on the website, labeled visual and textual. On each page we will post contributions from artists and authors for everyone to view. If you find something on one of the pages appealing complete the broadside. Writers write. Artists art.Or Writers art and Artists write. Send your completed broadside ( we can put art and words together if that is intimidating to you) to and we will upload the completed broadside to the Broadside Project page. For your effort, artist and writer will receive a full color broadside printed by Red Bird. Broadsides posted to the broadside page will also be available for download. Red Bird will provide basic information on artists and authors of all the broadsides on the contributors page.

Inspiration for this project came in part from Broadsided. You can find out more about broadsides and get inspiration for making them here.

More information on contributing art or text can be found on the Broadside Project FAQ sheet found here

Check out the visual and textual pages now.

Check out the 2014 broadsides and those from past years and projects as well.

Contributions welcome.

Please send Red Bird your images or texts- as jpeg (visuals) or word doc (texts) attachments to

Support this series and its contributors by purchasing your favorite broadsides below.

To view and purchase copies of the 2013 Broadsides click here.

To view and purchase copies of the 2012 Broadsides click here.

2011 Broadsides can be viewed here.

Broadsides are printed on cover weight archival paper.

Broadsides make inspirational, memorable gifts.